Organising committee

  • Jan Bloemendal (Huygens Instituut)
  • Youri Desplenter (Ghent University)
  • Hubert Meeus (Antwerp University)
  • Johan Oosterman (Radboud University Nijmegen)
  • Els Stronks (Utrecht University)
  • Lia van Gemert (University of Amsterdam)
  • Cornelis van der Haven (Ghent University)
  • Frank Willaert (Antwerp University, KANTL)

This academic event serves as the closing conference of the activities of the FWO-Flanders funded Scientific Research Community ‘Goliath’ – a consortium of (mainly) Flemish and Dutch literary historians from the universities of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Ghent, Leiden, Leuven, Nijmegen and Utrecht. The conference is a joint initiative of Goliath, Ghent University (LIterary Department) and the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature (KANTL), funded by FWO-Flanders.